Neil Warnock handles Morrison snapchat saga

Last updated : 06 April 2018 By Michael Morris

A private video that showed Sean Morrison using colourful language as he sent a message to a number of Derby players was placed online this week but it's intention was 'banter' between players who have known each other and were engaging in some fun that should have stayed private.

Speaking about the incident Neil Warnock took control of the situation.

"Whilst I don’t condone the language and it leaves a lot to be desired, our lads have videos of them as well," revealed Warnock.


"After the game, our lads were in an airport, having a drink in a social place and both parties were there. Bradley Johnson with (Anthony) Pilkington who had played at Norwich, Pearce and Morrison who had played at Reading and it was just a lot of banter between themselves.

"When you first hear about that, you think ‘oh no’, but when you see the videos our lads have got - which we’re not prepared to release - it’s just banter really and a lot of hot air, it just makes it more mouth watering when we play them in a couple of weeks."

Warnock said he is 'disappointed' with his captain, having spoken to him privately, and revealed his wife Sharon had condemned the language used.

"He was apologetic, he said ‘these things are said between was between pals, we’ve known each other for many years’, " added Warnock on his chat with Morrison.

"I’ve seen the (video) they sent us - there’d be more headlines in that if we let that go out!

"I’m not on social media, I don’t even know how to switch one on! I don’t understand it but it was in good banter and it was two weeks ago.

"I don’t want us to get our own back… let’s move on.

"Social media is a dangerous thing and they’ve got to be warned about that. It may be just a flippant comment but nothing is sacred these days, it frightens me to death just answering the phone!

"I’ve had a chat with him and told him I’m disappointed in him. Even if it was in jest between mates, you can’t condone that sort of language and I think he understands that. Let that to be a warning to everyone, you’ve got to be careful. It's dangerous.

"It’s only gone on their Snapchat and things but it only takes one in the group to put it out. I’ve told Morrison I don’t won’t any of the Derby videos going out. We’ve all had a laugh and done it but my wife wasn’t happy with the language when I showed her that.

"They’re two high spirited teams with a lot of rivalry and a lot of friendship but alcohol is a funny thing, isn’t it?"