No Doherty this week

Last updated : 21 August 2003 By Michael Morris
Lennie told the Western Mail

"Nothing will get done this week.

"Tottenham may well speed up selling Gary Doherty now that King and Richards are on their way back - but it won't be happening this week.

"Signing Gary is on the back-burner. We are not there on that one yet. It has been a long, hard struggle and negotiations are on-going."

It was thought that Doherty could complete a treble of signings after the arrival last Friday of Alan Lee and Richard Langley. The Spurs and Ireland player though was a strarter for Spurs as the Premiership kicked off last weekend. Injuries to key Spurs defenders meant a place in the team for Doherty.

Now they are returning from injury Doherty could again be ready for a move. With the transfer window closing for Premiership players on Aug 30th time is running out.

Lennie said further

"Gary is not the only player we are interested in. There are one or two others.

"But, unless something absolutely dramatic happens, no one will be coming to Cardiff this week. It will be next week at the earliest."

Doherty's move was thought to have become a complete no no after the deal was agreed to sign Tomasz Klos but with that collapsing the Doherty move could be back on.

Cardiff are said to have offered £600,000 for Doherty, Spurs wanted £1.2m. With only 9 days to go before the window closes one side or the other will have to concede if they want the player.

Doherty himself was fairly non committal, speaking after his Irish team beat Australia this week he said

"I haven't heard anything for a while.

"There was a lot of talk over the summer but obviously nothing has come of it. We'll have to wait and see when I go back to Tottenham."