No return date yet for Gabbidon

Last updated : 30 January 2003 By Michael Morris
Daniel Gabbidon is still not sure when he can play again. The injury that has kept him out for nearly 3 months is virtually all sorted but the go ahead to play has not come yet.

"The last thing I want to do is set a comeback target and not make it" said Gabbidon.

"What I can say is that I'm desperate to just get out there playing again. I'd even love a reserve match in wind and rain on a horrible day. Obviously, I also want to be involved with Wales in the coming games with Bosnia next month and Azerbaijan in March. But I can't look at either match at the moment, not even as far ahead as Azerbaijan. I'm just looking for the next game when I'm 100 per cent fit again - which, fingers crossed, won't be too far away."

Gabbidon is hoping that he can be part of the Wales team to face Bosnia in two weeks time but only if cleared by Cardiff City. The Bluebirds must come first.

"The club have basically told me there is no point rushing back in case I risk the injury happening again.They have pointed out we've got a big squad, sufficient cover and that I need to be 100 per cent OK again before I return. Which, hopefully, isn't too far away."

"I can't begin to explain how much of a nightmare this has been to me. Any footballer will tell you it is hard to be injured on the sidelines, particularly when it is for this period of time - and particularly when things had been going so well. I'm not a great watcher of games. I can do it with televised matches, but not my own team. I don't get nervous, as such, more frustrated. You just want to get back out on the pitch and help out, but know you can't do anything."

"What is helping me get through this is the thought that one day I will return fit, feeling better and totally injury-free. I'm confident what I'm doing at the moment to overcome the problem is right. It's a case of doing lots of the exercises I've been given to strengthen up the muscles.

"In football you take the highs and lows, have to accept things won't always go your way. What this spell on the sidelines has done for me is make me doubly determined to make up for lost time when I do return - which I hope will be pretty soon."