Plymouth to benefit from Mason sell on clause

Last updated : 30 January 2016 By Michael Morris

C:WindowsTempphp23DC.tmpPart of the contract that saw Joe Mason sign for Cardiff was a sell on clause that would bring Plymouth Argyle a return if Joe was sold in the future.

It's thought a figure of around 15% will be due to Argyle.

Although because the club were in administration when Mason was sold to Cardiff a deal is in place that 50% of any monies they receive has to go to football creditors.

Also current Argyle CEO Martyn Starnes says they will receive any cash in installments.

Starnes said: "The money comes to us in accordance with the payment schedule that is agreed between the buying and selling clubs.

"If Wolves were putting down a down payment and the rest in instalments we would get our money pro rata.

"We get our cash as Cardiff get theirs."