Posh game to stay on Apr 15th. City to play twice in 48 hours.

Last updated : 21 March 2003 By Michael Morris
City have been ordered to play their away game aginst Colchester on Sunday April 13th instead of April 12th by Derbyshire police as previously reported, with a game against Peterborough planned for Tuesday April 15th (2 days later) City asked if the Peterborough game could be moved to give a reasonable break between games. Posh agreed, the Cambridgeshire police did not.

"We've got the thin end of the wedge again," Lennie says in the Western Mail "It's not an ideal situation, but we've just got to get on with it. It's annoying but there will be no excuses as far as we're concerned.

"I don't mind playing Sunday and then the Tuesday - we'll play Sunday, Monday and Tuesday if we have to - but it's the principle that annoys me. We asked Peterborough if we could play on the Wednesday. They were amenable, but the police stopped it.

"If we get to the First Division then I don't think we'll have this problem. Playing Cardiff won't be a such a massive thing. I get annoyed at some of the times we have to play, but things such as playing at funny times only increase my resolve to get out of this division."

City therefore have games at Wycombe on April 8th, Chesterfield on April 13th and Peterborough on April 15th. All three games away and the two midweek games will level up City's games in hand.

As Lennie says it makes you want to get out of this division even more.