Post Burnley reaction

Last updated : 27 April 2008 By Michael Morris
"It's the reaction of the player which has got Darren sent off, "said Dave Jones"

"I will be appealing against the decision. Darren has over played the ball but he has not tried to do him. Andrew Cole needs to take a long hard look at himself."

The images of Cole's injury though (right) may see Jones' appeal fall on deaf ears.

The sending off will see Purse missing the FA Cup Final.

"I have 10 stitches in my leg," said Cole, who admitted after receiving treatment he went looking for Purse.

The game ended 10 players v 10 as Purse left the field after the red card. Cole went charging after him down the tunnel followed by players off the bench and the police. Cole's departure it appears was solely to go for Darren Purse.

"I have played the game at the highest level for 18 years and some muppet tries to challenge me like that," Cole continued

"I only had eyes for the ball and what disappoints me is Darren said I went over the ball yet he must have gone higher than me.

"It's David Jones who should take a long hard look at himself, after the career I have had what he thinks is irrelevant."

Burnley boss Owen Coyle was in no doubt that the referee had made the right decision to dismiss Purse.

He said: "It was dangerous and Andrew Cole's leg is a terrible mess. It's not just a gash there is a chunk out of his leg.