Pressure mounts on Paul Trollope as City slump at Burton

Last updated : 01 October 2016 By Michael Morris

A quarter of the way through the season and Cardiff City are in a desperate state.

A sixth defeat in the last seven games is pathetic. There's no sugar coating the position we are in. Cardiff City are heading down and they seem unable to do much about it.

The club has no leadership from the top to the bottom. The owner is nowhere to be seen, the board seem clueless on how football works and the manager has no leadership qualities as his side goes through the motions game after game.

The next obvious step is to sack the manager and I think we need to do that but more worrying is that I don't think the people responsible for the decision have the experience to know who to appoint next.

For that reason I fear they will stick their head in the sand and hope that if they don't make a decision the situation will improve by itself. Believe me it won't.

Today at Burton City had plenty of possession but it's all in safe areas. When it came to moving the ball into advanced areas the play is pedestrian and easy to defend against. We did create some chances and again come up against a keeper having a good day but the performance was under par and not good enough.

Whereas at the other end Burton get two good chances and score both. They were able to win the game quite comfortably.

Game after game it's the same.

The players, who are not the worse in the division, are not performing to the level they can and that responsibility has to fall to the manager and the work he does ahead of each game.

Much has been made about Trollope’s coaching ability. He may be a good coach but he's not showing that he is a good manager. With Lennie Lawrence behind him we are stuck in a rut that is sapping the life out of the fans, the fans out of the stadium and the team out of the division.

Today the fans in the away end lost their patience and were chanting ‘sacked in the morning’ before a tirade of abuse toward Trollope and the players at the final whistle.

The last time the club were relegated to the third division it took nearly 20 years of bouncing between the bottom two leagues before we came back up. Unless something changes, and soon, we are heading right back there.