Public meeting ahead of planning committe hearing

Last updated : 24 July 2003 By Michael Morris
Ramesh Patel and Dave Thomas, both councillors who have reservations about Cardiff Citys new stadium and it's impact on their local area, have arranged a public meeting for Wednesday August 6th at Canton Library at 6pm.

In the main they are concerned about the impact that a new food superstore at Leckwith would have on the local community of Canton.

The meeting is an open meeting with City supporters welcome to come and give their arguments.

Speaking personally I appreciate that change may be a bit difficult for some to take on board but the massive influx of jobs and prestige to the City of Cardiff alone should be enough to give the go ahead to the new development.

The City of Cardiff will benefit from a new athletics stadium, a new football stadium and another retail centre.

I don't seem to remember too many problems in allowing the expansion of Culverhouse X and the new multi million pound development of the City Centre. IKEA seems to have popped up without a problem as well.

The council planning committe meets on August 13th. 1 week after the public debate in Canton.

A user of this website has written to Councillor Patel. It's a strong argument for the go ahead of a new home for the Bluebirds. Personally I think it's progress and a positive advancement of Cardiff on the world stage. I do not think Canton will be adversely affected by a new stadium. The businesses that thrive there now will still attract the same clientelle.

Letter to Ramesh Patel from MB user R&B

Dear Mr Patel

Unfortunately I will unable to attend your meeting 06.08.03 in Canton Library.

However although I welcome the council’s thorough investigation of the project, and would like to again address some of the points they have raised.

Firstly, as regards parking in the Canton/ Riverside area. This is always a problem outside of match days, and yes there is a need for residential parking throughout the area that the council has not addressed.

Personally I would like to see better provision at the new ground for cars etc. However basic supply and demand would suggest that improved park and ride facilities would go some way towards alleviating the problem with better transport connections benefiting both the Canton and Riverside areas.

Furthermore as Mr Hamman is already proposing to finance road improvements in the area, it does seem incredible that the council is looking for him to sort out a problem that with or without the stadium is theirs to address.

As to the concerns surrounding the Cowbridge Road shopping area. My argument would be that Tescos Metro (as stated by Tesco’s) is specifically designed for a walk in trade, not a driving customer, who would NOT be affected by this development.

As a Canton resident and worker, I regularly shop on Cowbridge Road as it is cheaper, more convenient, friendlier and less stressful than retail parks. I do not believe that my shopping pattern in this capacity would be changed by the retail/food development.

The traffic congestion on Western Avenue is of serious concern, especially since the arrival of Tesco’s Extra. I no longer shop at Tescos and the surrounding outlets because of the traffic, especially around Christmas and the New Year. Surely another store in the Leckwith area would help alleviate this problem?

The argument that Canton trade coming in on the bus from Ely/Fairwater would be affected is also questionable. People in this area already have Culverhouse Cross nearer to them than a Leckwith superstore, and are for fiscal reasons choosing Canton to shop.

Whether we like it or not, Cowbridge Road as a retail area has been deteriorating over the last few years. A major architectural and sporting attraction in this area would be invaluable to it’s ailing economy. The Touche Roche report (estimating an £80 million pound benefit to Cardiff and the surrounding area) cannot be ignored.

As for the effect on the Vale of Glamorgan, we only have to look at the impact on Chester in relation to the success of the Liverpool clubs to see the economic benefits; our millionaire players and families are going to need houses and lifestyles to match their incomes.

Do we risk losing a state of the art Stadium, and the possibilities topflight football might bring, and restrict the ability of Cardiff City FC to trade by dismissing this project? Surely we need to have our club’s chairman with other financial interests in the area to ensure his continued allegiance to the city and club.

To credit the proposal, a new athletics stadium, shielded by the football ground from a prevailing wind, with improved facilities, would assist the top athletes who already train in Cardiff and bring more prestigious events to the area.

Cardiff and Wales needs to start raising its horizons and ambition and stop fearing it’s shadow. A quality centre for football will have fantastic repercussions for sport in general in Wales.

To my mind the proposed new stadium has met the criteria of a 21st Century sporting arena and will be a credit to the city and a much needed architectural feature for Canton, preventing another Danescourt being built in the area. Please support this project and let us NOT lose this opportunity. .