Purse surprised and relieved at FAW decision

Last updated : 13 November 2008 By Michael Morris
It will do nothing to chnage last Saturday's result but it means that Purse escapes a potential three match ban.

"To be honest, after the fuss last season over the FA Cup issue, I thought I would get the three game ban - I'm really surprised and relieved," said Purse.

"At the time I thought it was very harsh and at most a yellow card.

"None of the Queens Park Rangers players came dashing around or anything like that because they knew it was a genuine attempt to win the ball.

"Physicality seems to be being taken slowly out of the game these days.

"Now I must question myself whether or not to go for the same sort of challenge again.

"If it had been a lunge or a two-footed tackle fair enough, but the challenge last Saturday was simply mistimed by a split second.

"When you look at the recent game against Stoke City and Arsenal the other week, Stoke simply muscled Arsenal out of the game and grinding out a result with that sort of tactic must still be an option to all teams.

"But it's done now, all I'm concerned about is Saturday's game and happy I'm it's all over with."

Purse is set to start on Saturday alongside Roger Johnson against Crystal Palace.