Q & A with Alan Whiteley

Last updated : 07 June 2012 By Michael Morris

Q: Plans for the change of colour, badge and more were leaked and the reaction was one of shock among fans. How were you planning to publicise the changes?

A: We were finalising the package of investment and what it meant. The idea, when that process was finished, was to explain everything in a proper setting, outlining all elements of what was intended. We were going to explain those in the context of diagrams and the new shirt being proposed.

People would have seen the whole picture as opposed to the way it came out when everybody concentrated on the red/blue issue. 

Q: How open are you going to be with fans now?

A: We have tried to be as open as we can be. I take issue with certain people in the sense that some expect complete transparency when you can’t have that because ultimately there is the business side of the football club. Business has to remain confidential otherwise we prejudice the running of the football club.

In terms of the legitimate expectations of the fans in terms of the team and football matters we will be as open as we can be. Despite criticism from some fans I don’t think we are less transparent than some clubs and at times we maybe engage a little too openly with fans if anything.

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