Red Cardiff making news

Last updated : 10 May 2012 By Michael Morris

Newspapers across the globe have run the story in their online editions, The Sun gave it front page in their Welsh edition and of course Sky Sports news were dspatched to Cardiff City Stadium to get the views of fans outside the ground.

The initial bombshell caused mayhem with disbelief, anger and confusion the immediate reaction.

All this coverage and the club haven't made a statement confirming that this is going to happen. The news leaked out though after the West Ham game and although the club are in no position to make the official statement yet - contracts are still being finalised involving the deal with Vincent Tan to confirm his investment - I was one of a number of people to hear directly the plans and to see the new badge which is a red badge with a dragon rather than a bluebird, with Cardiff City FC on the top and the date they were formed below and the motto 'Fire and passion. Sieze the day'.

The one statement the club did put out described that the board and directors were meeting to review the overall review of the club and it's processes. Part of the statement reads:

We would like to assure supporters that any decisions will include the long term interests of our supporters, our community and the survival and development of Cardiff City Football Club in a highly competitive and modern sporting industry.

As a club we also appreciate the importance of our history, along with our position within the community. We fully recognise the legitimate interests of the fans, supporters and media in the affairs of the club and their right to information in respect of the same.

Now, 48 hours later and there's more discussion. People are starting to put forward a view as to why we should change. We have the camp that sees the club, with the backing of the proposed £100m investment that could be involved, debt free and challenging for top level football but wearing a red kit and not being called the Bluebirds.

At the other end we have many who would rather the club drop the divisions and reamin true to it's tradition and stay as Cardiff City, The Bluebirds.

Now I want us to stay Blue, but I appreciate the need for investment and finance. I am open to change but surely that can be achieved as it is now by having 'Malaysia' on our shirts, by having 'Malaysia' on huge banners around the stadium and moving forward by having a change kit / away kit in the Malaysian colours or in Mr Tan's preferred red. We've done that before. I don't mind a badge change either (we've had several changes in recent years) but they all kept the Bluebird and we always stayed with Blue as our home kit.

Man City have been taken over and given huge investment but their kit is still blue. Chelsea the same. We have precedents for new owners making big changes at different clubs but none (to my knowledge) in recent history have changed the identity of the club they are investing in and dividing the fans in such a way.

I am more than happy to support Cardiff City FC, in blue representing Mr Tan, his companies and his country but I'm not sure I'd feel the same supporting Malaysia FC who just happen to be based in Cardiff - which is wear I fear it could all end up.