Ridsdale calls the cops as new drama hits Cardiff City

Last updated : 03 January 2010 By Michael Morris
Prior to Christmas the Chairman said all was in order but if claims in the paper are correct then City could be late in paying and the club therefore running the risk of being wound up.

The News of the World story can be found here.

Cardiff City and Peter Ridsdale have issued a statement this afternoon claiming information contained in the newspaper article can onky have come from private documents "stolen" from officials at the club and the police have been called in to investigate.

The statement from the club can be found here.

It's concerning to hear, as a fan, that monies are seemingly unpaid and with a new transfer window open 10,000 or more fans believe they have signed up for season tickets to allow Dave Jones upto £3m of money for player arrivals.

The concern is now that that money will be used to settle debts and possibly players sales as well to balance the books.

I hope the club are right and the fans can expect to see their money well spent.

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