Ridsdale offers Loovens cash for Jones to spend

Last updated : 15 August 2008 By Michael Morris
Peter Ridsdale is quoted as saying "Dave Jones has been given all of the money from this transfer to strengthen the squad."

This after a deal has been struck with Celtic for Glenn Loovens that could be worth upto £3m.

Let's see just how much activity Dave Jones gets involved with in the next fortnight before the transfer window closes.

I appreciate a club like Cardiff is a selling club. Short of the the top 3 or 4 of the Premier League we all are.

The underlying issue seems to be "Where does all the money go?"

No apparant reduction of the Langston debt. Just a few hundred thousand spent on new players (the wages taken on are cancelled out by the wages saved).

Come on City. Let's invest in a team that can realistically challenge for the Premier League. We are not that far away.