Riise deal collapses?

Last updated : 09 January 2003 By Michael Morris
News from Scandinavia broke tonight saying Cardiff City had pulled out of the deal.

TV2.no a Norweigan TV station carried interviews with Riise and his agent, who is also his mother

Translated the story reads
B.H.R's transfer to Cardiff has been called of because of Aalesund wanting 1,3 million Norwegian kroner for him. Berit Riise (his agent and mother) fumes, and calls the claim a vendetta.

The contract was ready to be signed yesterday, but today the second division outfit withdrew the offer. Thereby they denied the 19-year-old the dream offer from Cardiff.

Now agent-mum Riise is furious. She thinks that her family is being targeted by a vendetta and that Aalesund is trying to ruin B.H.'s career.

"I don't understand what Aalesund whats from me. I'm fed up. I almost want to quit football because it's no fun anymore", says Bjørn Helge Riise to TV 2.

Last February, Manchester City droped a contract offer to B.H.R. because of Aalesunds price tag on him. Now it seems that the club is ruining another transfer for the boy.

Riises contract with AaFK ran out 31. dec. He never got a new offer from them. Still they claim compensation for educating him when he finds a new club

More on this story as it emerges on Thursday.