Riise row rumbles on in Norway

Last updated : 09 January 2003 By Michael Morris
Riise fed up
Translated from the article in Norways No1 selling newspaper VG


Mummy Riise is on the hunt for the telephone-man
Awaits decision from NFF (=Norwegian FA) and FIFA

Berit Riise is convinced that she's going to find out who called Cardiff and warned the club to go through with the deal with Bjørn Helge Riise.

- I'm investigating this now, and the person who has made that phonecall should not look forward to the days ahead, says Berit Riise to VG Nett.

Wednesday Cardiff-owner Sam Hamman got a phonecall where he was, according to Riise, was strongly warned against making a deal with John Arnes babybrother.

- It's not that hard to find out who made the call. I'm sure Cardiff know who called, Riise adds.

Awaits FIFA-answer
At the same time as she has started to investigate who contacted Hamman, the Riise-family are waiting for confirmation from Norges Fotballforbund (NFF) og FIFA.

- We've contacted them to get a confirmation that Aalesund's claims are groundless, Berit Riise says.

New rules
She finds support in paragraph 21 in the new rules about compensation for training and education:
"If there is less than 3 months remaining of a contract for a player under 23 years of age, and the player has not been offered a new contract by his club, it shall not be paid compensation when the player is transfered to another professional club."

Aalesund confirm that they have not given a new offer to Riise, but say it's because neither Bjørn Helge Riise or any of his representatives have wished to speak to the club.

The crux of the matter is that Aalesund want compensation for the training and development of Bjorn Riise. Cardiff City have stalled on the signing as they were under the impression he could sign for free. Reading the ablove would suggest that he can move for free as he has not been offered a new deal in Norway. The law is never that simple though. Lennie is said to be waiting for fax confirmation from Norway saying the player can move to Ninian Park at no cost to Cardiff City. He has threatened to pull out of the deal altogether if he is kept waiting.

Berit Riise, Bjorn's mother appears to be a very strong willed woman and is well known in Norway. Jan Arne Riise, now at Liverpool is currently the biggest sporting export from the country and the only Norweigian in FIFA's team of 2002. As a result this story in Norway is huge news.

The player yesterday said he was fed up with the situation and even threatened quitting.