Robinson to defy pain and resume training

Last updated : 09 January 2004 By Michael Morris
It's reported that John Robinson will resume training on Jan 26th against the advice of his specialist. Robbo will have a second opinion next week in Harley St after he was told to take a 3 month break.

"In an ideal world the specialist told me he wants me to have three months off, but I booed him down," Robinson told the Echo

"That would take me through to April and by the time I got fit the season would be over and that would destroy me. So I will start training again on that Monday and then see how it goes. He has told me the pain won't go away, but it is up to me and I am prepared to play. It is not good for me but it is my decision.

"Some people don't realise what some players go through to play week-to-week. Players declare themselves fit when they cross the white line and when I couldn't play during my last game at Stoke I knew I wasn't doing the side justice.

"I have professional pride and I knew I was harming the team because they were basically playing a man light. I just want to get back because I am frustrated and if I have to play with a bit of pain then so be it."

Robinson has a slipped disc trapping a nerve in his neck.