Rotherham 0 - 0 Cardiff City. Website reaction.

Last updated : 10 August 2003 By Michael Morris
and that was the weather, Cardiff's first game in Div 1 since 1985 and it was absolutely boiling. I was roasting alive trying to watch the game, i feel for the poor buggers trying to play football in 30+ degC.

The Bluebirds looked like the Blackbirds as they ran out in a heat absorbing BLACK kit. I actually quite like the new black and yellow kit but surely a cooler BLUE would have been better.

City were perfectly co-ordinated, blackshirts with yellow trim, Neil Alexander, yellow shirt with black trim. At half time the ref had decided it was too difficult to decipher between them and for the second half Neil wore a blue training kit with no name or number on the back.

As for the action, the first and best chance of the game fell to Earnie, put through by Robinson he was alert and had a chance one on one, the keeper was sharp and blocked Earnie's low shot. Rotherham forced a fine save from Alexander before Chris Barker headed over after a well worked corner.

The Bluebirds had plenty of possession in both halves but it was all defence to midfield, the inability to make telling passes to the forwards was only too obvious. Andy Campbell (bow - May 25th) was awful today as he did not make any telling run or create any space for a killer pass. Earnie was sharper but but marked out of the game.

Rotherham have established themselves a 1st Div team. They were never spectacular but were efficient. They were predictable and City dealt with them defensivly. Vidmar and Gabbidon were excellent.

I liked the Barker / Robinson combination on the left but was concerned at the lack of enterprise in going forward from Rhys Weston.

To sum it up City were at ease for long periods, as the second half wore on they were under pressure and only poor finishing stopped Rotherham from clocking up a cricket scorebut City had chances, a long ball from Kav was met by Earnie as he tested the keeper form 18 yards.

City were efficient in midfield but not creative but the main concern will be the lack of a striker. With Campbell and Earnie up front there was no way a long ball game would work. Rotherham had City target Alan Lee up front and on todays performance I'd give the extra money Rotherham want and sign him. He was the main target for the Millers and looked good with the ball to feet, and was quick enough to turn Vidmar.

The general feeling after todays game was that City will struggle up front. Take heed Lennie, we have to visit Forest (who swatted away Sunderland today) and Walsall, who made fools out of West Brom.

A point is a fantastic result, the fans at Millmoor, more than 2,000 (though i could not see where another 1,000 would go) were impecably behaved. City face tougher tasks ahead and Lennie must not rest on any laurels. We need strengthening and soon.

Oh and I must say the steak and kidney pies were first class. A sauna like 100 dgs+ under the Railway Stand but a pie to die for was well worth it.