Sam bans local bookie

Last updated : 04 March 2003 By Michael Morris

Sam has taken offence and has removed the advertising hoardings of Jack Brown from Ninian Park and has refunded the money paid to the club in advertising revenue.

"That company advertises with us and I have instructed our managing director (David Temme) to write to that company to cancel their advertising" Hamam told the Western Mail.

"We will be returning the correct amount of money to them. We don't want anything to do with a local company who is against the Cardiff City family.

"We are chucking them out and we will chuck out anybody who doesn't have the will to fight".

Hammam also explained the appearance of John Toshack at Ninian Park yesterday. Rumours were rife that Sam was in talks with Tosh about a role at Ninian Park.

"John is a friend of this club and he has been here a few times. He came here to see Ronnie (Bird) who works at the club.

"He had coffee with me and we talked about Welsh football. But there is nothing in John Toshack coming to Cardiff, not now and not for a good few years to come. If anyone thinks John - or anyone else - will be coming here as manager then I welcome them to get their money out because it will end up in their own backsides!"