Sam: My thoughts are with Bristol City

Last updated : 14 May 2003 By Michael Morris
"My thoughts are with Bristol City.

"They finished third in the league and have had something taken away from them that is rightfully there's.

"I really feel for them because they have been the victims of an injustice. Of course we played within the rules, but the rules are not right."

Next season there are talks to extend the play offs to include more clubs. A situtation that could see a team finish as low as 8th and still get promotion. Sam does not agree.

"I have written a letter to the Football League outlining my opposition.

"I am against any move to extend the play-offs and believe they should be scrapped altogether.

"We have a chance to go up that we shouldn't have had and everyone should be thinking about how Bristol City must feel.

"It's wrong to say the playoffs should stay because they bring in extra revenue.

However much money you throw at clubs, they will just spend it."

While I understand where Sam is coming from and from a purists point of view it should be the top three that go up I for one am extremely delighted that we have a chance of promotion after finishing 6th. Last year I hated the play offs with a passion. So far this time around I glad we are part of them.