Schoolkid banned for Earnie haircut

Last updated : 28 May 2003 By Michael Morris
Robert Earnshaw
Robert Earnshaw's hairstyle was a hit with Daniel Evans
Young Cardiff City fan Daniel Evans has been banned from school for copying star striker Robert Earnshaw's haircut.

The 13-year-old has been told he can return to classes only when he gets rid of Earnshaw's distinctive "dragon's claw" style.

Daniel had the cut ahead of the team's promotion to Division One after their dramatic play-off victory at the Millennium Stadium last Sunday.

But his parents said they were disgusted at the school's reaction.

Daniel, of Trallwn, Pontypridd, south Wales, took a photo of Cardiff's record-breaking goalscorer to his barber.

I thought school was all about education, not what style your hair is
Daniel Evans' father, Kevin

He paid £14 to have his head shaved virtually all over, leaving only four stripes of hair, just like his hero.


Daniel said: "I saved up to have the hair cut and I was really pleased because it was just like Earnie's but as soon as the teachers saw me I knew I was in trouble."

Richard Allen, deputy head of Hawthorn High School in Pontypridd, said pupils and parents knew the rules.

Mr Allen said: "Daniel and his parents signed a copy of the school's code of conduct when he was accepted.

"They know it is against school rules to have a haircut that sets a pupil apart from his peer group. They must now accept responsibility for him missing school."

Mr Allen added: "They must now accept responsibility for him missing school."

Cardiff City celebrate at the Millennium Stadium
A cut above: Cardiff City celebrate at the Millennium Stadium
But the schoolboy's mother, Jane, said: "Daniel is a bright boy - his appearance has got nothing to do with his education.


"I was disgusted when I had a phone call from the school asking me to collect Daniel because his haircut was not acceptable.

Daniel stayed away from school on the Friday and went to the game still sporting the tribute style. Along with 66,000 other fans, he saw Cardiff's 1-0 victory over Queens Park Rangers in the Division Two play-off.

But he will have another trip to the barber to lose the Earnshaw look in time for school next week, after the half-term break.

Daniel's father Kevin said he and his wife had been incensed by the school's actions.

"The match was a big thing for Daniel because he's been a long-time Cardiff City supporter, he's been waiting for years for it," he said.

"I thought it was petty of the school because it wasn't a bad haircut.

"It was unbelievable. If he was a troublemaker it would be different, but he's a top class pupil. He's never had any bother before.

"I thought school was all about education, not what style your hair is."

Mr Evans said the match was particularly important to the teenager because his grandfather, who first encouraged him to become a Cardiff fan, died a month ago.