Season ticket information expected on Friday

Last updated : 06 June 2003 By Michael Morris
The Echo claim they will be exclusively revealing the details of the 2003 / 2004 season tickets in Fridays paper. (I'm not sure why the club has not made an announcement on their official site about this? Maybe they will on Friday morning).

News on this when it's available.

NigelBlues was part of a group of fans that were given the outlines of the season ticket prices his comments from last week are as follows.

Gulp - take an intake of breath. It'll be worth it though after what we've had to put up with for decades.

The bottom line is that we will get a mailshot with all the new prices in mid-June. 38,000 supporters on the database will be mailed.

It was all complicated to explain in detail here so you will have to wait for that to get full details but, to me, it seemed most season tickets are increasing by 20-35%. My £322 Block D (so-called Centre Grandstand is going from £322 to £437 i.e. £5 per match).

Bob Bank season tickets will have two tiers also -depending on whether you choose to sit in its centre or the wings - but for the first time, you can get Bob Bank terrace tickets which were best value at £224 for the early price.

Grange End will now be available to season ticket holders/members only but I can't remember the price of that, more than Bob Bnak terrace though but probably same as Bob Bank centre seating. £322 rings a bell.

There are several prices - renewing season ticket holders (who can also get a special price for introducing a frined if I heard it right - although you may have to move seats if none are currently next to you), early bird for new season ticket holders, advance matchday ticket for members, advance ticket for non-members and non-memebers pat on the day (or something like that).

The bottom line is get a season ticket or become a member. Bob Bank is £20 on the day for example if you're a non-member.

City have compared their prices to all Div One teams and our prices are just below the average (Gillingham cheapest, West Ham - presumably - most expensive).

You'll have to wait until the mailshot for full information.