Six decades of Cardiff City v Bristol City matches

Last updated : 16 February 2013 By Michael Morris

Six Bristol City related questions – answers tomorrow.

60’s. This Bristol City player (pictured) scored a hat trick against us while playing for another club, can you name him?


70’s. Who were the two players who made their City debuts in the 3-1 defeat by Bristol City at Ninian Park in September 1973.

80’s. Name the Bristol City keeper who lost all of his hair due to a nervous condition during this decade.

90’s. Only one City player scored against the wurzels during this decade – who was it?

00’s. Have a look at this sequence dating back to 1974, Leighton Phillips, Andy McCulloch, Paul Wheeler – which player from this decade comes next?

10’s. Another sequence question – Gordon Low, Ken Wimshurst,  Jamie McCombe, Liam Fontaine ……… who are the next two players in this list?