Six decades of Cardiff City v Fulham games

Last updated : 07 March 2014 By Paul Evans

Six Fulham questions, answers tomorrow.

60’s. What is the connection between a Fulham striker from this decade and the TV series “The Wire”?

70’s. Name the Welsh international who made his first ever appearance in the Football League for City in a game at Craven Cottage during this decade.

80’s. Name this Fulham player from the 80’s – he played over 200 times for them and won 16 caps for his country.

Fulham 1



90’s. Without looking it up, what was the combined attendance to the nearest thousand for the two games between City and Fulham in the 96/97 season?

00’s. Name this Fulham player from this decade

Fulham 2

10’s. Name the current Fulham player who made his Football League debut for a team that won at Padiham last weekend.