Six decades of Cardiff City v Norwich City games

Last updated : 03 February 2017 By Michael Morris

Six questions involving Saturday's opponents, Norwich City

60s. This player experienced mixed fortunes when he turned out twice for City against his former club, Norwich, in the year of the “Big Freeze”, with a win at Ninian Park being followed four months later by a heavy defeat at Carrow Road – who am I describing?

70s. What is the connection between this gentleman and Gil Reece?


80s. The clubs only played each other twice during this decade, can you name the players who were our centre forward in these games?

90s. Name two City goalkeepers from this decade who had spells at Norwich City.

00s. Cardiff 1 Norwich 0, Cardiff 1 Norwich 2 and Cardiff 2 Norwich 2 were the scores in games played at Ninian Park in consecutive seasons during this decade, but what links these matches in terms of the goals we scored in them?

10s. Given that it happened for the first time in Norwich’s 3-2 win over us in September and has happened three times since in their matches (including last Saturday), this event can hardly be described as unique, but I can’t recall it happening in a Football League game anywhere else before it did when we played at Carrow Road – what am I describing?

Answers to follow