Six decades of Cardiff City v Wolverhampton Wanderers matches

Last updated : 07 April 2018 By Michael Morris

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60s. I think I’d award City Player of the Year to him for his work during a poor season for the club which saw him play twice for us against Wolves – who am I talking about?

70s. Can you identify this player?

“A former Wolves player from this decade is an award winning after dinner speaker despite having a lisp. His nicknames during a fourteen year career included “Skippy”, “the tank” and “the horse” and he started off in Lancashire playing next to a cricket ground. Wolverhampton was his next destination and he rated the Wolves team he was part of when he first arrived as the best he played in. In 1977, he returned to his first club for a couple of years before joining some stripey dogs where he averaged better than a goal every other game. It was also while at this club that he became part of a record which I believe is shared with Cardiff City – it happened with him in a game against Shrewsbury and with us one afternoon in Bradford a couple of years later.

80s. Talking of averaging better than a goal every other game, the player pictured did that in his spell with City – despite doing what he usually did for us, his only City appearance  against Wolves was in a losing cause, but who is he?

90s. It has been claimed that a number one hit in seven countries was named after him, but the evidence to confirm that is dubious at best. Wolves were the exception in his first four clubs in that they did not play in, shocking, blue – his first team had an unfortunate association with a former City manager last season, he was chased by hounds at his second club and then it was Wolves for whom he played more matches than all of his other sides put together. Next he moved east to Suffolk, before turning up near an Abbey. His last team were on the green side and it was here that he embarked on a career which is still ongoing as he serves as a loyal lieutenant to someone who is hoping to be celebrating another promotion in a few weeks time – can you name the man I’m describing?

00s. The player pictured made his international debut against Wales and played in the Premier League for Wolves, as well as being involved in both games against City in a season from this decade – he had to retire early from football because of knee problems, but who is he?

10s. A member of a Wolves team that beat us during this decade, he played twice at Wembley for his first club with mixed fortunes. Besides Wolves, he’s also partaken of some claret interspersed with a bit of amber (nectar) and turned out for one of this season’s notable giant killers – his last three matches have been played in the far east, London and  the oldest major stadium in the world still to be hosting professional association football matches. Who is he?


60s. Dai Ward.

70s. Former Burnley and Wolves forward Steve Kindon, who was one of three goalkeepers used by his last club, Huddersfield, in an FA Cup tie against Shrewsbury in 1981 – Andy Dibble, Phil Dwyer and Lindon Jones all had a go in goals for us during  a 4-2 defeat at Bradford City in 1983.

80s. Gerry Nardiello.

90s. Former Hartlepool, Leicester, Wolves, Ipswich, Cambridge United, Dagenham and Redbridge and Hibs full back Mark Venus who is currently Assistant Manager to Tony Mowbray at Blackburn.

00s. Mark Clyde.

10s. Current Sheffield United and Wales midfielder Lee Evans, who has also played for Newport County, Wolves, Bradford City and Wigan.