Steve Borley' The fans need to see the whole story'

Last updated : 11 May 2012 By Michael Morris

It's no surprise there was a massive outburst to the news that the club was to be re-branded with a red kit and no mention of the Bluebirds. The back story that our debt was to be wiped out and the club would put on a financial footing that would secure it's future was lost in the explosion of opinion and not all of it was considered opinion. Some of the absurd posts that appeared via social networking sites Facebook and Twitter were criminal, The messageboards weren't immune and comments had to be removed.

Now to balance it up it didn't take long for a solid wave of support for the changes to come though. By the time the first shoutings had died down and comments had been digested there was of strong surge of support if it meant a secure future.

The damage was done though. Firstly Malaysia came back with a compromise of adding a Bluebird to the badge to keep that identity but overnight TG's statement came though that the red idea would be withdrawn and the investment plans were being rethought. 

That concerns City director Steve Borley who told CCMB today

"The fans need to see the whole story and consider all the options before taking emotional action. If we drive them out there is no future so need to carefully engage.

"These guys did not deserve the abuse and vitriol after all they have done."

"History does not pay the bills and if means being brave to progress and keep one step in front of progress and be innovators and leaders that can be the route to success. If we stand still we die and as stated we cant carry on as we are"

The fans are split still but now heads are cooler there's more discussion. The club are hopeful that the Malysian's can be persueded to continue their full investment.

In fact after meeting twice with the club this week I know just how much they are hoping to make this investment work. Let's hope a lesson has been learnt that we should maybe think just a second before letting loose a chorus of disapproval.