Steve Jenkins talks about his life threatening collision

Last updated : 03 March 2003 By Michael Morris
Edgeley park is not someplace Steve Jenkins is likely to forget. That is if he can remember it in the first place. Jenkins bravely went up to clear a cross but clashed with keeper Neil Alexander and it was lights out.

"I saw a Stockport player coming across and I knew I had to get to the ball first. The next thing I remember I was looking at Graham Kavanagh who was standing over me. "I was told I had swallowed my tongue, but I couldn't remember anything about that."

Jenkins' life was saved byt the quick thinking of Scott Young Young, who rolled him onto his side, and the medical skill of Clive Goodyear the City physio who was able to clear his throat and stabilise the player.

"I bet Clive will remind me of what he did for a long time to come. I'm very grateful to him. He did really well for me."

"I've had a few debuts before in my career, but nothing quite like this one."

Steve will miss tomorrows game against Brentford as concussion means an enforced break from playing.

It's good to know the player was in good spirits as he boarded the team bus to come home.