Students face testing FA Cup Final Exam

Last updated : 16 April 2008 By Michael Morris
Students Nick Young and Jo Borley have been dealt a bad hand on FA Cup Final day. Both mad Bluebirds they are devastated to find out their 3 hour Managerial Accounting and Finance exam has been set for 9am in Cardiff on May 17th.

Now these kids are keen to educate themselves for their future but it's the FA Cup final. How can they fit both events into one day.

The examination takes place at the Talybont facilty in Gabalfa. Both Nick and Jo have asked if they can start their exam early so they can get away early enough to make it to Wembley. Their appeal has met deaf ears so far. They could leave the exam early and miss vital marks, hence risking failure but they would be prepared to start early if allowed.

Jo told me

"We went the the University registry office and was greeted by a not very helpful lady who blatently stated no that it couldnt be done, but that it was "too much hassle" and "we're not getting up any earlier just for the football". We weren't given the opportunity to speak to anybody else and were basically told tough luck!"

The students offered to pay themselves for an invigilator to start early but it's not cutting any ice with the university.

Now they face the prospect of leaving the exam early, driving to Swindon on a tight schedule to get a train to London that will give them half a chance to make it to Wembley for some time around kick off.

It's Cardiff City's first FA Cup final in 81 years and if that form continues it's likely they will not get the chance to see their team in another Cup Final in their lifetime.

The South Wales Echo has picked up the case and when they contacted the University on Tuesday afternoon no one was available for comment.

Jo and Nick are not the only ones. At least two other City fans have come forward to say they are due to sit the same exam.

The kids appreciate the rules, they appreciate the importance to their education. They also know that potentially Cardiff, the football club and the City, could find itself making history that day.

Come on Cardiff University. Help them out. They only want to start 30 mins earlier to give them a chance.