The "Old Git" guide to the message board

Last updated : 25 October 2004 By Old Git

I have just put my guide to Cardiff City messageboards on the net. It includes a guide to some of the poster on this site. I've put the links at the bottom of the page. I know there will be some posters who will say “Why haven't you mentioned me.” The reason is time. I haven't got much left. But another reason why I haven't mentioned some of the regulars is that they are completely normal and, consequently, they are very hard to caricature.

I'd be interested to know if anyone finds the fonts too large. You are supposed to leave the font size to the users, but I find that many oldies like myself can't read small fonts and most people don't know how to change the text size using the browser.

I am very backward with most of the new technology. For example, I know nothing about mobile phones or text messaging, but I have always been interested in computers. Although I've have been on the internet for at least 10 years I only became aware of football messageboards a couple of years ago when I found myself reading a thread on a Shrewsbury Town messageboard about a reserve game in the late 1950s against Arsenal. It amazed me that so many fans remembered being there. When I went on to look at the messageboards of my team I was delighted to find posts by Caliburn about games in the 1940s. After a while I started spending most of my spare time on football messageboards and now I find it hard to remember what I used to do on the internet. Before you think it. No, I wasn't looking at sex sites.

The pictures on the guide to Cardiff City Mad posters can be a little quiz. How many faces in the pictures can you recognise? The faces are all linked in some way to the posters. Some of the links are obvious but some are very obscure and I think only one or two people will work out the following links which I have listed in descending order of difficulty : h, Sludge Factory,The Other Bob Wilson,celtic bluebird and Earnies Trimm Trabs. I did a Cardiff City quiz about 6 months ago and The Other Bob Wilson was the only one who could be bothered to attempt it. I felt a bit guilty because it was quite late by the time he finished and I know he likes to get up early to start posting his links. That quiz was posted under a different name. I don't do that often but sometimes I think posters except a certain kind of post by Old git – a long boring load of rubbish probably – and that was completely different from my usual posts.

This is the guide to posters on this site :

This is my guide to Cardiff City messageboards :