Thorne on Earnie. Earnie on Thorne.

Last updated : 07 May 2003 By Michael Morris
Peter Thorne on Robert Earnshaw.
"Earnie's just a class act. He can go as far as he wants to, right to the top.

"No one can get near him over three or four yards. And if the ball bounces in the box, you know for a fact Earnie will be there sniffing and that nine times out of 10 he will stick the ball in the back of the net.

"He's so sharp and so quick. He can score goals out of nothing. One second he's got the ball and he's going away from goal - the next second he's scored. He's the most lethal finisher I've played with.

"There's another important quality that he's got and that's a good head on his shoulders. Ask anyone who knows Earnie - they will tell you he's so down to earth."

"I know Earnie was looking for that 31st goal (scored against Crewe last Saturday) because it would have given him the record and I was desperate for him to get it.

"It was nice that I provided the assist, because as well as playing for City, we're also good mates off the field and I think that has given us that extra togetherness on the pitch.

"Earnie gets in the right positions for me. It's not as if I've got to beat four or five players to find him. I know where he's going to be.

"We've got a great understanding."

Robert Earnshaw on Peter Thorne.

"It has been an unbelievable season and I hope it's topped off with promotion. A couple of goals from Thorney and myself in the play-offs will be nice."

"I've scored loads of goals this season and a big part of that is down to Thorney. He has been a big, big help to me. You could say he's put a few on a plate for me. Look at the Crewe game last week - he provided me with a perfect pass so I could score."

"I've had some good partners in my time at the club. For instance, Kevin Nugent was brilliant.

"But with Thorney I've connected a little bit more, probably because we've played a lot of games together. He's not a selfish player. If he can't get a header in on goal, he will look for me."

"We've remained fit this season and that's helped us to build an understanding on the pitch. I've learned a lot from Thorney. The one thing that stands out is his personality. He's always encouraging me. If I don't pass him the ball when I should have done, he won't scream at me. Instead he gives me words of encouragement."

"Thorney is a top man. He's always positive and that rubs off on me. He's so positive that if he's having a lean spell in front of goal I don't realise it. We always hug each other before the kick-off and if he scores first I'm the first to congratulate him. If I score first, he's the first to congratulate me.

"I've got 35 goals this season and he's got 15, but it would be no different if I scored the 15 and he got the 35. That's the way we are. I really felt for him earlier in the season when he was getting some stick for not scoring goals, but the chances weren't really coming his way.

"He's got 15 goals and you can't really complain about that."