Thorne unhappy with section of Sunderland fans

Last updated : 23 February 2004 By Michael Morris
The idiotic few who showed themselves and their club up helped spur the City team on to victory.

"I was very, very annoyed that the minute's silence for John Charles was being ruined," Thorne told the Western Mail.

"I looked over at their fans and thought to myself, 'We're gonna really turn you lot over.' "We were going to try our best to beat Sunderland anyway, but what happened during that minute's silence really spurred us on. It made going for Sunderland so much easier."

"You don't shout abuse during a minute's silence. You've got to show respect," added Thorne. "One man who deserved respect was John Charles. He is a legend, that's all I can say about him."

Sunderland fans have been very apologetic on their fan sites, the genuine fans who stood silently to honour the great John Charles have all been appalled by the actions of the minority.