Ticketing chaos as thousands try to snap up final tickets

Last updated : 15 May 2003 By Michael Morris
Cardiff City have been besieged today by thousands and thousands of people looking for play off final tickets.

The plan was for season ticket holders and members to be able to buy upto two tickets each either today or until midday on Friday. But tens of thousands of people have been trying to get tickets even though they are at the moment ineligable. Fans who are not season ticket holders or members have been trying to jump the queue to get tickets for the final on May 25th.

As a result the tele sales and internet sales systems have crashed. There are still huge queue's at the ticket office with claims that fans are not being allowed to join the end of the queue any more today.

The club have now chaged the criteria for purchasing tickets. Season ticket holders and members now have all day Friday (phone / in person), Saturday (phone only) and Sunday (in person only) to get their tickets. Still 2 per person.

The remaining tickets will be available for registered fans (those on the database) from 9am on Monday.

Full details can be found on the official website.