Time to concentrate on the league. Website reaction to cup exit

Last updated : 03 January 2004 By Michael Morris
Not this year. Todays defeat is the fifth reverse in a row. Something is wrong.

Maybe we have be spoilt by a team over performing at the start of the season but what we are seeing now is hurtful.

I think the fans need to truths to be told. We missed out on Julian Gray over a small amount of money (small compared to the £1m paid for Andy Campbell or the £600K for Chris Barker) we have supposedly backed out of a move for Paul Parry from Hereford over a £50K fee. Are we skint? Is it that bad. Parry and Gray would both offer balance and width to a Cardiff City team who are sinking, and sinking fast. The press this week have highlighted how we have to look to our youth players. Not so long ago we would have looked to have bought a player with experience.

Gareth Whalley is not a wide midfield player, I felt sorry for Tony Vidmar today who had to patrol the left hand side of the pitch from byline to byline. If we haven't got the players to play 4 - 4 - 2 then lets play something else. Wingbacks would have been a better solution.

What has happened to Robert Earnshaw. Nothing happening with him today to the point he was subbed after 70 mins without getting a clear chance on goal.

If there were positives from today it was Vidmar's performance, he tried his best to perform two different roles. Also I thought Alan Lee looked a player who can do things.

As for the rest it was same as usual. Dodgy moments from Margetson cost us a goal, he was rooted to his line when Allison headed home un marked. We defended better but not good enough and in midfield we failed to create openings. Hence poor showings from Earnie and Thorne.

At the start of the season emphasis was on attack and we were getting goals and winning games. We may have conceded a few but it was entertaining and we won more than we lost.

Now we have reverted to a defensive style of play and we are still letting in the goals without getting them at the business end.

The good ship Cardiff City has been holed and is taking on water. 7 points from the play offs but only seven points from 21st place. It's fast becoming a situation where City must swim or they will sink.

Rotherham next week has become a must win game. Another defeat and we will be in freefall.

Sheffield Utd forced three corners in the first 2 minutes. They could have been three up at half time and it would have been justified.

City went on to have more possession but no cutting edge.

There needs to be a bloody big shake up. Lennie must look to inject some passion and some urgency into the team. Bring in Collins, he's not let us down before. Lennie is on dodgy ground with supporters, lose again next week and there will be the startings of a revolt at Ninian Park.

5 defeats in a row. Not good enough.