Trust plea to Vincent Tan

Last updated : 05 May 2014 By CCFC Trust

C:WindowsTempphpE501.tmpChair Tim Hartley said: “The relegation, which many of us expected, was confirmed at Newcastle on Saturday. A season that started with such optimism is all over bar the shouting with the Bluebirds starting again in the Championship in 2014-15. 

The season’s end provides an opportunity for the club owner, Vincent Tan, to build a new era with the supporters of this football club. 

This means starting a regular and meaningful dialogue with fans and supporter groups. The new season also provides Mr Tan with an opportunity to wipe the sheet clean and build severely damaged relationships with supporters. 

One immediate action he should take is to announce that blue will once again be the colour of the home shirt and the traditional club badge will also be restored. 

If Mr Tan continues to ignore the wishes of its long-standing supporters, it is inevitable that protests will continue next season, deflecting from efforts to return to the Premier League at the first opportunity. 

If Mr Tan has learnt anything from this season it is that he can no longer ignore his customers – the fans of Cardiff City, many of whom have followed the club through thick and thin over decades. We look forward to meeting Mr Tan at the earliest opportunity.”