Trust Submit Evidence To Commons' Football Inquiry

Chairman Tim Hartley said: "Football is not like any other business. Clubs like Cardiff City belong to the local community and to the men and women who support them.

"While chairman, managers and players come and go we, the supporters, are here for the long haul. Football is rooted in local communities and must respect and respond to the needs of fans.

"That's why we need a new football law which recognises the role of supporters, which ensures that clubs are properly constituted and run so that they cannot be traded like any old company, whatever the consequences.

"We want a UK Football Commission established to oversee the financial and corporate governance of professional football clubs. Fans should have a representative on the board of every football club in Britain and supporters' groups encouraged to buy a significant shareholding in clubs.

"These are just some of the steps which could ensure that clubs become true community enterprises in which we can all take pride," added Tim Hartley.