Trust urge brewery to rethink pub name

Last updated : 01 January 2011 By Michael Morris
But both the Supporters Trust and the council are asking for a change of name.

Both feel something more appropriate to Cardiff City would be a better option.

The Trust wrote:


Mr Derek Andrew, Managing Director, Marston's Inns & Taverns

Dear Mr Andrew,


I'm writing to you concerning plans to name the inn being built outside the Cardiff City Stadium, The Sand Martin.

As an organisation representing over 800 members - and potentially 800 customers - of the public house, we believe there are many other names which would be more appropriate.

The inn will sit at the junction of Leckwith Road and Ffordd Fred Keenor, the main road into the stadium, which was recently named by Cardiff council after the captain of the Cardiff City's 1927 FA Cup winning team.

Ffordd Fred Keenor also leads up to the statue of Fred Keenor, which supporters led by the Cardiff City Supporters' Trust, are busily involved in fundraising. The appeal launched in April 2010 has already raised £40,000 out of the £85,000 needed, including a pledge of £15,000 from Cardiff council. It is also strongly supported by the football club.

We would be grateful if you would consider renaming the inn after Fred Keenor or, alternatively, something much more appropriate to its location outside the Cardiff City Stadium.

Fred Keenor was not only the captain of Cardiff City and Wales but had an outstanding career despite being injured at the Battle of the Somme in World War One. It was feared that his injuries were so bad he would never play again.

We noticed on your website that the company stresses that it is committed to the communities it serves and that they are integral to future success. The website also highlights the importance Marston's commitment to the preservation of its heritage.

We, too, believe heritage is vitally important and would, therefore, respectfully request that you consider changing the name of the proposed inn outside the Cardiff City Stadium.

If you are in Cardiff in the near future we would be happy to meet you to discuss this matter and also hope given its location that the company would be able to support our statue appeal which has received widespread media coverage both locally and nationally.

Cardiff City Supporters' Trust

The Deputy leader of Cardiff Council is also keen to see a chnage of name.

Councillor McEvoy said: "I had the honour earlier this month of unveiling the name of the road leading up to the stadium as Ffordd Fred Keenor, after the Cardiff City legend who skippered the 1927 team to FA Cup glory.

"The new pub will be sited alongside Ffordd Fred Keenor and, I believe, naming it after a true football legend would be a much better choice given its location.

"Alternatively, the Bluebird would be more appropriate than the Sand Martin, which really means nothing to the people of Cardiff.

"I hope the company will reconsider the proposed name and have something more in tune with the community in which it is sited."