Unhappy Joe has a right Royle grumble

Last updated : 30 November 2005 By Michael Morris
Dave Jones

'We really should have killed them off with the chances we had and I don't think it was down to their 'keeper, it was down to our woeful finishing.

'You just have to step up and take the penalty and sometimes players try to be too clever - he won't be taking them again.

'When you have all of the goal to aim at and just the 'keeper to beat I think you have go to pick your spot better than we did.

'It's frustrating because we made their 'keeper make saves that he shouldn't have got anywhere near.

'While it was at 1-0 there was always that danger from the set-piece and it was a sloppy piece of play from us.

'We gave them hope by not clearing our lines and giving away a stupid free-kick when the player was not going anywhere.

'The lad stuck it away well but fortunately Jason has popped up at the other end and finished them off.'

Joe Royle (on the penalty)

'I thought he had been shot. There must have been a sniper in the stands.

'Fabian is adamant there was little or no contact. I've seen the incident since and it was a dodgy penalty.

'Referees have got to get to know players who do dive and then not give them the decisions. I have always been steadfastly against diving in the game and there was another one later on when Ricketts went down as well.

'There was no need for the sending off because the ball was safely in the goalkeeper's arms and the rule, as I understand it, is that you are penalised for preventing a goalscoring chance.

'Fabian wanted to appeal, but we had to hold him back from the referee.

'Overall I thought the referee had a very good game, but he had one big decision to make and it has cost us.'

(SW Echo)