Wadsworth on his teams victory

Last updated : 26 January 2003 By Michael Morris

"I think it was a deserved three points. I think we have played well on many occasions this season and not won the game and lost by a goal. We have lost 9 games 1-0 which represents 27 points. It was an excellent performance. What a week it’s been.

“We have been stung before and we had 2 or three really good chance before we got the goal and them scoring is always in your mind because that has been part of our season. I have protected the players this season, but I have done it justifiably because they have worked hard all season, the only thing we have not done is score goals and that has been the major problem. I know it’s a simplistic statement but it’s a simplistic thing – you score a goal and you can win. So, it was great to get that goal and then have the character to hang on, which we did admirably.

"The dressing room is great. I’ve said for a while now that the club needs a restart, a rebirth in every sense and I hope that today is the start of that rebirth because it’s been a horrible week for me, the Chairman and the club in general. I hope it’s a step towards salvation and survival.

“We scored, they didn’t. I know that sounds banal but it is as simple as that. You saw us last week at Crewe and we played very well. They got a goal and we didn’t and we were just as good as them, same at Wigan and many games that we have lost here 1-0 we have played very well in - it’s like a recurring nightmare. All I can do is work hard and work with dignity.

“In footballing terms you never need to fear anyone. Unfortunately what lasts in people’s memories is when you go a goal down in the last 5 minutes, not the first 85 when we have played with spirit and created a lot. I can’t complain about the players in terms of attitude and work."