Waiting for FA Cup replay news

Last updated : 26 January 2009 By Michael Morris
Arsenal originally said the replay would be Tuesday Feb 3rd but that same evening sees Swansea playing away at Q.P.R. That may be taken into consideration.

Also the 2nd TV game hasn't been announced. ITV will show Everton v Liverpool on Wednesday Feb 4th with the Setanta replay still not confirmed.

Then there's the tickets. Cardiff can have 9,000. Most likely on a basis that they have to pay for them all even if they don't sell them.

The club may have an option to take a smaller allocation that they are sure about selling rather than risk the cash on a bunch of tickets that may go unsold.

Just how many fans will Cardiff take? 9,000 for a midweek evening game in London I think is too many. I can't see that we'd sell them all.

The club also have to decide who gets them. We have 14,500 Ambassadors. All of whom got a ticket to the home game. They can't all go away. Most likely those Ambassadors with a record of travelling away this season will get first shot.

These details will also be announced by the club in due course.