Warnock feeling 'betrayed' as he accepts misconduct charge

Last updated : 15 December 2017 By Michael Morris

Cardiff boss Neil Warnock said today that he feels "betrayed" but has no choice but to plead guilty to a Football Association charge of misconduct which will see him fined £2,000.

The 69-year-old said he had spoken with his governing body, the League Managers' Association (LMA), about the charge which he felt was a "travesty" but came out of that chat knowing he would not be able to fight the charge.

"I feel betrayed because I’ve said things during the game to the fourth Andy Woolmer, who I’ve known for many years. He must have written these things down which I find very unusual.

"I was disappointed that we had a referee who was the 4th official in our last game. I think that’s totally out of order in the modern day and not to our advantage. Andy’s written things down and it’s those comments I’ve made to him personally that has been used against me.

"The LMA have said I have no choice but to plead guilty and get fined £2,000. I feel really let down.”


Speaking straight after the game on Monday Warnock had said 

"It's disappointing really and I've been in to see the officials... I can't understand it. Usually I deserve to get sent-off, but not tonight.

"I don't know whether Woolmer was panicking a bit because he's very experienced.

"I called him over and I suppose the referee is going to enjoy that, isn't he? It's his big night.

"I'm 69, I've been in the game 37 years and I've never been sent off for anything as trivial as that."