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Last updated : 18 January 2003 By Michael Morris
City had 11 players on the pitch today but not a team. Wayward passes, the abilty to pass backwards and sideways rather than forward, failure to shoot on sight, failure to take a firm grip of the game.

The same errors keep recurring, I don't want to be on a downer becuase I'm happy as a pig in the proverbial becuase we bagged the points but we should be trotting through this league with the players we have. We do not though. Cheltenham were a poor team but they worked hard. They could have pinched a draw from todays game, it would have been undeserved as City were obviously a class above though we tried our best to blow it.

Peter Thorne worked hard today and was rewarded with a goal after only 7 minutes. Chris Barkers header into the box saw Thorne have time to take a touch and hammer the ball home.

12 minutes later and it was level. Cheltenham were allowed to pass the ball freely withoiut a City player challenging and the Robins skipper Finnegan gave Alexander no chance from 18 yards.

Once again Earnie was to be the saviour, from the exact spot Thorne scored from Earnie produced a similar goal to give City a half time lead.

That was to be the end of the scoring. Cheltenham battled, they tried their best. They were a limited team who worked hard and nearly snatched a draw. Damien Spencer, an 87th minute sub, burst through Prior and Young but was only able to shoot straight at Alexander. A real let off.

It's Lennies job to produce these players into a team. We still have it all there before us, we have to grasp the nettle to earn promotion. A better team today would have bided their time and picked us off, much like Coventry did.

City need to work on communication and shooting. The players do not appear to talk to each other and as a result easily lose possession. The other problem is the reluctance to shoot. Coventry scored three goals against us with shots from the edge of the box and further out, we seem to need the ball to be in the 6 yard box before we have a crack. It took until late in the second half before we have a decent shot to watch, Maxwell's the best of them from 25 yards.

We are still 4th but were aided by Oldham and Bristol only drawing. Crewe and Wigan both won.