Website reaction to Derby debacle

Last updated : 18 September 2004 By Michael Morris
No aggressive management, no leader on the field and a bunch of highly paid professionals "giving up" with over a third of the match to go.

Lennie is like a dead man walking. There's no truth that i'm aware of that the club have employed a man to walk in front of him ringing a bell.

It's only a matter of time now.

Lennie lost the crowd and it appears the players a while back. He's currently going the through the motions.

The commendable actions of the players this week, meetings to sort things out etc, went out of the window. The gutless players gave up with over 30 mins to go.

Lennie made changes, in came Fleetwood, Parry, Bullock, Barker and Thorne. Out went Campbell (although he did get on as a sub - Lennie cannot accept he's crap), Robinson (word is he has a family issue with his poorly mum), Boland Why?, Page (rib injury), and Lee? shock change.

Credit where it's due. City for the opening 30 mins were the better team. Fleetwood offered pace up front and there was a feel that we could do something. Then it all went pear shaped. Fleetwood was clattered at one end of the field and subsequently went off, and Derby pressed forward. City (despite the bulls*&t in midweek about closing players down) allowed Reich to curl a peach of a goal from 25 yards. It was a superb finish but how was he allowed to have so much time to select his shot.

The half time whistle was met with a stunned silence.

Last chances then for the second half. Disaster. 4 mins in and City with confidence shot to pieces had possession at the back. The ball was spread to Gabbidon who had nowhere to go, he played it back across the field and City surrendrered possession and somehow managed to make the Keystone Cops look a professional outfit by allowing Derby to score. Taylor could not believe his luck at being able to sidefoot home.

After that we offered nothing. Thorne had the best chance when a ball reached him at the far post but he flunked it.

The crowd that had asked Lennie to do the "ayatollah" at the start were asking him to pack his bags. Cries of "What a load of rubbish" and "Lennie out" were reverberating around the stadium.

We can accept losing but surrender is another matter. Derby, like any team that comes here only have to stay organised and take their chances when they come.

Sam spoke tonight and did not defend his manager. He spoke to the media with a silent Lawrence next to him. The crisis at our club runs deep.

The manager should have the balls to walk, the chairman sould have the balls to sack him and the players should offer up their wages to refund the fans.

Does it get any easier? If we lose at Wolves next week it will equal our worse post war start to a season.

Four straight defeats at home, no goal scored. So far this season we have seen Robson, sacked. Brown, sacked. Sturrock, sacked. Today even Chris Turner at Sheff Weds, sacked.

I wonder who will be next? Burton says he is not going to be manager. If a new manager comes in then will he want Burton?

What a bloody mess.