Website reaction to draw at Stockport.

Last updated : 01 March 2003 By Michael Morris

Rhys Weston strained his back during the warm up and was replaced in the starting line up by Steve Jenkins. A goal in the first half from Stockport saw the Hatters deservedly leading at half time. City were all over the place and struggling to impress against a strong well organised Stockport and City were guilty of ball watching as Stockport scored with a strike from the edge of the box into the top corner of the net from Peter Clarke.

Soon into the second half and Gavin Gordon went close with a header but he was hurt in the challenge and was grounded for a few minutes as signals went to the bench to say he was finished for the game. Gordon went off holding what appeared to be a broken nose and he was replaced by Alan Mahon. City had plenty of possession but the old problems of lumping the ball down the throat of the centre backs was there and City were struggling to make an impression.

Then more drama. Neil Alexander, excellent today, came out for a cross and clashed with Steve Jenkins. Jenkins hit the floor and immediately there was a panic, on came the physio's and an anxious crowd gathered around Jenkins. He was stabilised on the pitch before being stretchered off. The real horror only came to light when we got back in the car and Radio 5 reported that Jenkins nearly lost his life on the pitch. He swallowed his tongue and the swift action of the medical staff revived him and saved him.

Amazingly after a visit to the hospital Jenkins was back at the ground to travel home with his team mates.

Andy Legg replaced Jenkins and City pushed forward. Stockport were happy to soak up pressure but it's a dangerous game. Just when City fans were starting to write off anything from the game City levelled. A Legg thrown in was headed out for a corner and the resulting kick from Kav was headed to the right of the goal by Barker, it looked to be drifting out but Earnie had other idea's, he caught the ball just before the line and kicked it back over his head, a move which surprised everyone except Peter Thorne who scored the easiest goal of his career with a free header form 3 feet out.

City pressured but despite 5 mins of injury time and a succession of City corners it was Stockport who nearly pinched the game. Alexanders only error saw a low cross evade him and the defence and Stockport failed to get a touch to score.

Before the game a point would be a point lost. At the final whistle it was seen as a point rescued. City were not good but they worked hard to get their goal.

Now they look to be without Jenkins, Weston (who has a two game ban coming up) and Gordon. It will be Sunday or Monday before Lennie knows the full extent of the injuries and of course City play at Brentford on Tuesday.

Best wishes to Steve Jenkins.