Wembley. What the fans said

Last updated : 14 April 2008 By Michael Morris
Its been 81yrs since my great grand father (Tommy Watson) played in the 1927 cup final. And I and my daughter where delighted to see the current team, reach this years final. and we will try to return to final, as did Tommy all those years ago. So once more congratulations to all. Philip Watson (via email)

I would like to congratulate the team on a great semi final. I watched the match on T.V. in Australia (1.00am start) with a number of other Cardiff supporters and I can tell you a great roar went up when the only goal was scored, which was the winning goal for Cardiff, and iI would like to thank the team for a great performance. And with the same effort the cup can again be ours.

David Hanson (via email)

Hey Please pass it on that as a Cardiff boy who watched the City for nearly 40 years . I''m very proud of them. I moved to Florida 13 years ago but keep up with them. Was able to watch the game, live on TV. It was well deserved and we were by far the better team. Now for the Final. Good luck and I will be watching.

Nigel Jenkins (via email)

Cardiff City in FINAL of the FA Cup!!!!! IN THE FINAL!!!! I dont know what to do with myself.............

Dodgy Doug (Messageboard)

Unbelievable. The tube ride in, the singing in the concourse, walking down Wembley way. Everything was just brilliant. Had tears in my eye when the lads walked out.

Balls of Steel (Messageboard)

What a day! So proud of the players and fans today.

Ali Yassine (Messageboard)

What a day!! Thanks to Dave Jones, the team of heroes, and 33,000 of you who helped create a fantastic atmosphere and sang our team to the FA Cup Final. Did I really say that? Cardiff are in the FA Cup Final!!!!!!!!

machen_blue (Mesageboard)

I watched this match today fully expecting that we would lose and fold our tents and sadly wander home as we have done so many times since I first entered Ninian Park in 1947.

I've seen a few relegations and a few promotions but the big prizes always rested in some important and secret place where our team and its supporters were not allowed to enter.

The game ended and for once it wasn't us creeping away but some other team for whom the sun shines rarely. It wasn't elation I felt at the moment of victory, but shock! It didn't seem right that it was our lads who were jumping happily around the pitch and soaking each other with champagne.

As I watched these unbelievable scenes unfold I found myself laughing at nothing and feeling very,very good. I poured a glass of wine and drank it and poured another, and drank that too.

Regardless of the final we have earned a great victory with a great defence, a great hard working midfield and, to be honest -- a makeshift attack. No one can now take this from us. Those who have chosen to ignore us have been aware that we are right in their faces and doing the ayetollah on the world stage.

All the cold and wet, dark winter days spent watching dreary and low level football that interested no one but us are over. Everyone knows just who we are now. Long may it continue.

Caliburn (Messageboard)

What a beautiful day.

Looking around the stadium on 90 minutes grown men were choked up all around me.

This one's for our Dads who took us down the City when we were nippers and for our kids who can be proud Bluebirds in school on Monday amongst their friends.

Delbert (Messageboard)

I watched the Game live in Thailand, i spend so much time here and as a life time Bluebird have really missed the saturdays away games and home but am online user every single day. I was gutted not  to be there at Wembley but was in constant touch with my Brother and mates who were there. I just cant believe it and was so proud of everyone who was involved with the City. For sometime since the Middlesbrough Win i have noticed here in Thailand more and more people asking who we are, now they really know. I still can''t believe it and so proud of us it just feels so good to be a Fan. Try to stop me getting back for the Final whatever the Cost it's our Cup i''m sure.

Neath Bluebird (in Thailand) via email.