What next? Website reaction to Watford humiliation

Last updated : 15 September 2004 By Michael Morris
1 win from 8 this season. 1 win from 7 to end last season. That's 2 wins in 15 league matches. No matter who you are that's a shocking return.

Southampton, Newcastle and Preston have all been swift to axe their managers this season as it looked like things were not going to get better. City have given Lennie 8 games so far and he'd like 12, I can't see that we'd be any better off in 4 games time, I think Lennie may have come to the end of the road.

Lennie does not help himself, he's a thinker, a quiet man who sends his troops out and appears to let them get on with it. They have let him down badly. I'm sure blame lies on all sides. Tonight against Watford we were a shadow of a football team. No confidence, no quality and no heart.

Watford to their credit were brilliant. They went at City from the off and were 1 up with virtually total possession within the first 15 mins. Danny Webber (he could be the new Earnshaw) with the first goal. A thunderous strike that gave Warner no chance.

City huffed and puffed and then rolled over. No swift attacking football, a hesitancy everytime we got the ball. No players running into space. We were awful.

Lee worked hard but was out wide left most of the time in the first half? No one to cross to. McAnuff was again our best player. Andy Campbell had a shocker. Not only did he hardly touch the ball he hardly cared for even being there. I'm sorry to say I'd not be upset if he was dropped to the reserves until his contract was up. Peter Thorne replaced him at half time and Thorne did more in 10 second half mins than Campbell did all 1st half.

City were just so devoid of ideas. Watford I thought were superb, they ripped into us from the start and got a goal from Webber. Just before half time it was 2. Kav lost possession cheaply near his own box and Watford picked up the ball and fired past Warner from 20 yards.

City were slightly better in the second half with Thorne in the team but overall we were sloppy, uninspiring, clueless and playing as individuals (not very good ones) and not as a team.

Warner could not kick for toffee tonight, Kav never played in one decent ball, Robinson was more concerned with being angry with everyone than playing football.

The most interested and fittest looking player we had was the returning Chris Barker. He's gone on loan to Stoke for 1 month and has come back looking a much hungrier player. McAnuff aside I thought Barker in his 25 mins or so was a very competent player.

City lost Campbell for being crap, Page for being injured and Boland (i assume had a knock) to be replaced by Thorne, Barker and Parry.

Robbo scored but it was deemed offside. Apart from that we harldy tested their keeper.

As the boo's grew louder, then quiter as most fans went home rather than sit through the final minutes, City were caught again. Possession given away and Watford swept into the box and set up Webber for his second.

We were lacking confidence, when players won possession they were like rabbits caught in the headlights. Scared to move and hence making errors.

Stoke sit top of the "Championship" Watford are in the top 6. We are already 12 points behind the top and only off the bottom thanks to Rotherham being worse than us.

I bet Derby can't wait to come and help themselves to 3 points.

Wake me up and tell me it's all a bad dream.