Whitts delivers by Royal appointment

Last updated : 21 November 2011 By Michael Morris

msFamily reasons kept me away from one of the easiest away trips of the season but that didn't mean my heart wasn't at the Mad Stad.

I don't know if it's just me but i tend to use avoidance tactics if City are playing and I'm not there. I will casually watch Sky Sports Centre or the BBC score updates as if I don't care before, like on Saturday, screaming 'GET IN THERE' when Whittingham scored after 2 mins.

The scores were pinging in from all over the country but thankfully no change from the Madejski until early in the 2nd half Reading scored. I refreshed my phone, checked Twitter, looked at CCMB but no one else had confirmed it. Then the BBC changed their story and reported it was a disallowed goal.

That was it. I had to get out so I volunteered to drive to the shops and off we went with no radio on and as I was driving no access to the phone.

On arrival at Marksie's I waited in the car to express my emotions to myself as I loooked at my phone. Whoosh, it was 2 nil. Hudson had scored. My excitement was brimming over when another refresh confirmed Reading had pulled one back. Bugger.

Then the most excruciating 13 minutes (plus stoppage time) as I refreshed my phone with one hand covering the Reading half of the screen so I could slowly sneak a look. The revolving emotions were mashing me up. Then the scream of joy when FT was displayed.

It can't be right can it? 45 years of age and an emotional wreck because of a game of football 180 miles away. And I'll be doing it all again on Tuesday.