Wolves away fixture switch

Last updated : 07 February 2008 By Michael Morris
This news comes on the day that Wolves are told they have to have a "bubble" trip to Cardiff for the FA Cup tie on February 16th.

The hypocracy beggars belief with one Wolves correspondant claiming a breach of human rights that fans are not allowed to travel independently.

This from a supporter of a team who last year banned us completely from going to Molineux.

Chief Exec of Wolves Jez Moxey said on the Wolves Official Website "We have done everything possible to try to persuade South Wales Police to change their minds over this, We asked the South Wales Police to consider different kick-off times, or switching the match to the Sunday, which is the usual course of action if there are public disorder concerns. "

"We have considered our options, including declining an allocation of tickets for the game but, on reflection, decided that in the interest of our supporters and the team we should provide the necessary travel facilities - even though in our opinion the restriction on supporters travelling independently is completely unjustified."

Again the hypocracy is just incredible. Mr Moxey banned us from Molineux. We didn't have the luxury of an organised coach. This bloke is unreal. And Although it's early yet I wouldn't be surprised to find our trip to Wolves in April to come under a possible "bubble" arrangement. Probably with the agreement of a man who says "the restriction on supporters travelling independently is completely unjustified."