WONS - Where's Our New Strikers?

Last updated : 21 October 2004 By Nigel Blues
The missing factor was no new striker to convert the numerous chances on offer against Leeds and Brighton. Had we done so, the team would have breathing space at the bottom rather than be in the bottom three. Still under-performing and still not acceptable but much better off.

Nothing has changed, in my opinion, to suggest we will be climbing the table and that it will not be a long, hard winter. I do feel Cardiff City will survive but only because the Championship is a poor division, even poorer than last season, with a handful of teams who just happen to be worse than The Bluebirds. City should be grateful that clubs such as Rotherham, Gillingham, Crewe and Brighton have no reasonable resources and, whilst one or two may be ahead of us at present, it will probably find them out over a 46 game season. That's hardly praiseworthy or showing confidence in our club but that's they way it seems to be.

It remains a pitiful state of affairs at NP but has been since last December. 'Judge me after 12 games", said Lennie infamously after the poor start to this season before he conveniently forget he said it at all upon seeing City in the bottom three at that stage. But why restrict it to that? We've collected a meagre 44 points in our last 38 league matches. We#ve collapsed from a quality play-off team just before last Christmas to a poor and genuine relegation contender right now.

There appears to be a naive assumption and some arrogance that City have turned a corner and about to climb the table? What games have they been watching? Only twice this season have City looked remotely like a reasonable Championship side, at Wolves and then home to Leeds and both of those clubs are very poor at present too.

Maybe the sensible ones, as awful as it sounds, are those missing few thousand who now only turn up on a day we have decent opponents. The football, particularly at Ninian Park, has been of an awful standard. Everyone was grateful and relieved with last Saturday's win against Rotherham but the standard of play and quality looked a couple of divisions lower. I could never contemplate staying away from City but this is one of those times when I start to understand those who do.

The squad is limited in depth and quality. The need to bring in new faces has been obvious since before a ball was kicked this season. Even Lennie and Sam acknowledge that the club need fresh talent but their only immediate game plan seems to be trying to keep loanees Danny Williams for another month and O'Neill for the rest of the season. Is that what we're about?

It is 8 weeks ago tomorrow that Robert Earnshaw left the club. It caused outrage and anxiety. Sell your star striker and the goals dry up, don't replace him and the wins won't come. So why be surprised City hit the relegation zone and have won 2 out of 10 since his departure and scored in just 4 of those outings?

Sam recognised it had to be justified so called a meeting in front of 100 supporters on August 31st. The following extracts are his exact words and pledges at that time. "We need four or five players in, and I can spread the money raised for Earnie across the team." and "We have only a certain amount of money to spend on the team, but we need to strengthen in three or four positions."

Those noble words were uttered 51 days ago. Yet, not a single penny of that £3M+ fee has been spent and there is no sign of it happening either. I do not bracket Sam in the same category as the likes of Clemo and Kumar but if they had not spent transfer monies, as both did, and the club were in this league position, there would be open protests, derision and even a lynch mob rounded up by now.

Cardiff City need a new front man oh so badly and there still appears to be no sign whatsoever of that happening when the little fella left almost 2 months ago. However, the only players Lennie gets linked with are more defenders and more midfielders and, then, it's only paper talk rather than a serious bid. WTF???
In the eyes of many, Sam is paying the price for not changing his manager, the team are paying the price for a lack of proper investment in them and fans end up paying the price whatever. I wrote 6 months ago about problems and a general malaise at the club. It wasn't rocket science but angered some, Sam included. As time has passed, nobody can really dispute them now. It is the way that it is.

Whatever happened to City and Sam being forward looking, proactive and progressive?? I believe our league placing is entirely representative of the state of the club. It ain't pretty. I will be there supporting the team and I am confident they can get out of the drop zone but that doesn't mean I will be happy or feel content with what is going on. I am very concerned.

Let's hope City bring new players in, and fast, let's hope the improved results continue and we do indeed pull away. However more openness, honesty and signs of Sam and the club backing up what they say would be a great start.

C'Mon City.