Erol Bulut pre Swansea press conference

Last updated : 16 March 2024 By Michael Morris

Derby week, excited?

Against Swansea… it will be a normal game for us, I think. We have to take it like other games (joking). It’s a derby and I know how important this is for our fans, the club and our players, for me, too. The first period we did really well against them at home.


I am expecting from the players the same concentration, the same work rate and willingness to win the game. We know what is expected of us there.

September, what can you take from that game?

To be as a team. To be as one on the field with the fans. This is what we need to do. I am preparing the team well for that game. Today we started and tomorrow we will continue. I try as a manager to prepare my players for the game.

History of the fixture favoured Swansea recently, going for first league double, an incentive?

It would be great if we could make it happen. It would be great for the club, players and the team. We started well against them and also then I said something against their manager in the press. I said I would like to win both games and promotion… I don’t know about promotion, but I want to win both games!

First manager to manage two derbies since Dave Jones, important to have consistency?

It’s good to hear! I hope I can change it to be the first to have two wins against Swansea (in the same season). It won’t be easy. To talk is one thing, to do it is something else.

Their game against Bristol City, they lost. They would like to do something against us. That’s not our problem. That’s their problem.

Ramsey recalled to Wales, expect him to play against Swansea?

I think the first question should be if he can be with us. Then we think about if he can play. We are going to decide tomorrow if he will be in the squad or not.

Callum O’Dowda, can he start?

For 90 minutes, probably not. Maximum could be 45 minutes for him, maybe 60 minutes. Final decision will be tomorrow after training.

Big progress this season, connection with fans important?

Connection to the fans is important. They are the first man on the field for us. How they support us, even when we had not good games, they were supporting the team. We had to give something back. The last few weeks we have given something back. We have to stick together, be close together and work together.

Do you really want to be here after this season?

This question I answered already. I would like to stay and build with this club and with the players. I think when we look back at the start of the season and now it is a big step and progression. Normally, we should continue with that. This is not up to me. The board have to think and make that decision. From my side it’s clear.

Aaron, itching to play Saturday and for Wales, is it down to the medics?

Players always want to play. Even when they are injured and especially if it’s Swansea! I have to make decisions. I cannot lose a player because of one player. I have to make my plans like that.

Rubin, called up for Wales

Rubin is playing the last few weeks really well. Even when he is coming on he is doing well. Rubin is a good player and he will be much, much better if he can fix small details on his game.

What details?

Decisions! The decisions he makes are really important. When he gets the ball, how quickly he makes those decisions, he keeps it too much and has to make better decisions. But the only thing he is missing is goals and assists.

Ipswich game he was good. He had really good actions in the game. A cross to O’Dowda, who almost scored, then he started the move for the first goal.

I am trusting him. Sometimes in games, it is tactical changes, sometimes a player gets tired so you have to rest him. We have 25 players, so 22 players are in the squad. I have the possibility to make some rotations like I did before. Everyone gets minutes. We have many games close in a row, everyone has to be ready.

A lot of home games after the international break…

When we see our away games, our away games are better than our home games! The last few weeks we did well at home. I hope we can keep both of them high, home and away. We will push until the end, but we will take it game by game.